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There’s little known about Meg Foster. But I’ll try to gather all the Information I’ve got...
Please visit Leslie Houk’s Fan Site, to read messages of people, who met her. And there’s a wonderfull article about the Cherry Hill Convention 2000 on Xenaversity.


    • Meg Foster was born on May, the 10th in 1948 in Reading (Pennsylvania)
    • She was only 2 weeks old, when the family moved to Rowayton (Connecticut), where she grew up in the strict traditions of New England
    • She’s the 2nd oldest of 5 children
    • She had her first leading role in a schools presentation of “Antigone” (wish I’d seen this ^^)
    • She studied for 2 Years at the Neighbourhouse College in New York and had her off-Broadway debut in “The Empire Builders”
    • At the Age of 21 she moved to Los Angeles
    • In 1972 she gave birth to her son Christopher Starr, who was seen on screen as the son of Alice and John Tanner (Meg Foster & Rutger Hauer) in “The Osterman Weekend”
    • She was married to Steven McHattie
    • Her Hight is 5’6 1/2, that are 1,69 m
    • Everybody who met her is characterizing her as ‘very down to earth’


“Acting is something I just do, I don’t like to talk about it”
(Photoplay / 1979)

About her work in theater:
“It wasn’t my talent that got me in because I didn’t know if I had any. I told them I didn’t know if I could act - but there might be some other area where I’d fit, like costume design or lighting, even carpentry. I only knew I had to be in the theater.”
( ? / Close Up / 1978 )

“Working is an important part of my life and identitiy. To be a fulfilled person, I would have to be doing something in addition to raising a child and running a house. Unless I’m feeling good about myself, I wouldn’t be able to create the right environment for my family.”
( ? / Close Up / 1978 )

About ‘A Different Story’:
“I’m usually given all the weepy parts. But I’m not a sad person. After always playing the other woman and crying a lot, it’s nice to be in a romantic comedy like A Different Story.”
( ? / Close Up / 1978 )

“I performed a lot at home, and of course at school when I was a Child. The people I played were more real, more alive than those around me.”

About ‘The Scarlet Letter’:
“Hester is one of the greatest women in American literature. She’s a survivor and I admire people who survive. Instead of bemoaning her fate, she takes things into her own hands.”

About the casting of her son in ‘The Osterman Weekend’:
“Sam met him and wanted him. I’m a single parent. Chris has been around a lot of adults. I told them he wasn’t an actor. But he’s very cool, he’s not one to withhold opinions, and it worked out fine.”

About ‘Masters of the Universe’:
“I’ve always done things I wanted to do and I wanted to do Masters. If it helps my career, fine. If it doesn’t, then I’ve still had the opportunity to do a film that was, plain and simple, a grear deal of fun.”

About her role in ‘They Live’:
“She represents a certain of ambition that’s not that uncommon in life. She’s our close-up look at someone who has something to lose by ‘waking up’ and acknowledging the alien’s broadcast. I enjoy portraying that conflict. Both heroes and moral weaklings can teach you something.”

“Once I finish with a charakter, I like to forget her. I treat her like a broken love affair - forgotten and cherished.”
(US Magazine)

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