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Quick facts about Meg Foster

Date of Birth: May 10th, 1948
Place of Birth: Reading / Pennsylvania
Hight: 5’6 1/2 = 1,69 m
Marital Status: Unknown
Children: One (Son)

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Welcome to the unofficial home of information, media and pictures of talented actress Meg Foster.

About this website:
This is an attempt to honor Meg Fosters work. There is no commercial interest, it’s just a fansite.
It relies on the help of the fans and if you have some information or news to add, feel free to contact the webmistress via e-mail.

About Meg Foster:
Mostly she is known for her awesome pale blue eyes, her countless TV-Appearances, and movies like “Masters of the Universe” or “The Osterman Weekend”. Also Meg has made quite a name for herself in the 70’s. In the 90’s she gathered new Fans, when she played Hercules (not so evil^^) Stepmother and Queen of the Gods Hera in “Hercules - The Legendary Journeys” and “Xena - Warrior Princess”.


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